On the occasion of thanksgiving, there are various things that we give importance to. However, this is one thing which is directly related to the environment and was taught to us by the Native Americans early in the 17th century. The green Thanksgiving beans are a very important part of that we have today and it was earlier too. Thanksgiving green beans were planted by the Wampanoag Indians in the 17th century and these were one of the main foods for the puritans too.


Not only beans but the Indian three sisters which is a common name for beans, corn and squash were a part of the cultivation that was made by the Wampanoag Indians. These three crops had interdependence with each other. Environmental cooperation was presented by these three crops in a way that the corn provided the support for the beans as a climbing stock. Nitrogen from the beans was provided in the soil with help of which the corn got nourishment.


Squash leaves provided double benefit by spreading out the leaves which provided the important shade for shallow roots of corn and also protection from competition and predation. Humans should also take lesson from this mutual cooperation and are urged to practise such friendly and cooperative attitude. On the occasion of thanksgiving day, people love to spent the afternoon and evening with their little kids, frinds and family notsoccer mom, son, brothers and sister. So the housewifes make contribution to the meal of delicious thanksgiving green bean recipes, green bean dish, thanksgiving green bean casserole. These are the traditional food for the thanksgiving party.

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