Every table which is laid out for the occasion of thanksgiving and has the thanksgiving meal to celebrate and express gratitude on this special day will surely have corn as a part of the meal. This is because corns were for sure a part of the first thanksgiving meal which was set at Plymouth Rock and had the pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. The Indians taught the pilgrims how to cultivate corns and it was a part of various dishes that were set out to celebrate the thanksgiving meal on the first thanksgiving.


The Corns are native to Mexico and have been grown in Americas from the last 7000 years which is long before the pilgrims came ashore at Massachusetts. There are various varieties of corn which are grown in the country. Red, blue, white etc are the various types of corns which are grown. However, for the occasion of thanksgiving, the white and blue ones are preferred since they are considered to be religiously important.


Various delicious feasts, dishes and recipes can be made for the thanksgiving corn that should be a part of the dinner on thanksgiving. In addition to that, corn is also used for ornamental purposes to decorate the centre tables. All this makes thanksgiving corns a very important part of the occasion. Corn is a popular feast symbol of turkey day and maize corn comes in different varieties and colors like white, Pale red and blue. And womens love to cook like Baked Corn cakes, Corn Souffle, Corn Pudding III, Cream Style Corn, Iowa Corn, Creamed Corn for the dinner meal.

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