There are various practises that are popular for the day of thanksgiving. However, in addition to those there are various thanksgiving traditions too which are practised every year since numerous years. These thanksgiving traditions are also a very important part of the day as the thanksgiving meals, cooking turkey and pumpkin pie, Prayer to god, mass thanksgiving day parade forms a part of the celebrations.


A very important one of the traditions and probably the most loved too is the savouring of turkey in the meal. Turkey dishes usually form the main dish on the occasion of thanksgiving. The dish may be in various recipes and there are specialties too which come from different places. These include coffee-rubbed turkey which hails from Hawaii. New England provides for the salt encrusted turkey whereas deep fried turkey has its origin from the south.


Playing Football is also almost considered to be a tradition on the day of thanksgiving. Almost the whole nation enjoys the game of football as one of the thanksgiving traditions. There are matches between local teams, clubs, etc which are enjoyed by everyone. Parades on the occasion of thanksgiving are also a great tradition that everyone greatly enjoys. Balloons fly here and there and there are bands and floats which make the occasion very colourful. .

A very important one of the thanksgiving traditions is making a wish with the turkey wishbone for which people are usually seen fighting for. The one who gets a greater part of the wishbone gets to make the wish and it is considered to be very lucky. At the last but not the least anyhow, thanks is given to the lord for his grace and also prosperity which he has blessed everyone with. These great traditions of thanksgiving make it a cherished day of the year. Also find the related Thanksgiving category pictures

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