Turkey is probably the most famous symbol of Thanksgiving. On this day, people cook turkeys and have it in the thanksgiving dinner as the main recipe for the day. Though one has no proof of turkey being related to the occasion, it is thought and believed turkey was served in the first Pilgrim’s thanksgiving dinner. Since then, the tradition has continued and is followed till the present day.


Originally a native of Mexico, Turkey was brought to Europe as late as 16th century. The quality of its meat and eggs is the reason for its extensive domestication which has made this bird popular in the continent. The male turkey is called tom whereas the female is called hen. Tom turkey is a very attractive bird with better and colorful plumage and also skin folds hanging from the neck. It is fleshy and very attractive to look at. The female turkey however has a dull color and is also smaller and thinner than the male counterpart.


There are various ways to cook the Thanksgiving turkey as well which is a way to savor this great bird. Roasted dishes and cooked ones are most popular. Cooked turkey is kept as the centerpiece on the table of thanksgiving. The turkey may be stuffed, filled with bread or potato, fruit turkey salad, herbs and rice are the various combinations that can be tried for preparing the thanksgiving turkey.

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