Turkey is one of the main and most important dishes for the occasion of Thanksgiving. A lot of planning goes into deciding the recipe which you are going to try out. However, all efforts may go waste if proper cooking ways are not followed while cooking a turkey. The bird is very sensitive at the time of cooking and special care has to be taken so as not to spoil it and ensure a great taste. Following are some tips that can be used while cooking a turkey. With these thanksgiving turkey tips, you can ensure a great recipe in the offing.

  • Choose the turkey with an approximation of one pound of meat per person.
  • For the best outcome of your turkey recipe, soak the turkey for at least 2 days before thanksgiving. Brine should be used for soaking which is made up of equal parts of salt and sugar in water. Any other herb or spice can be also put in the brine. Clean and pat dry before you proceed with your planned recipe.
  • As soon as the turkey comes out of the oven, it should be basted to prevent shriveling of the skin of the turkey.
  • Do not slice the turkey just after taking it out of the oven. Cover with a tin foil for around 30 min so that the juices can spread back to the bird and it becomes tender and juicy.
  • In case of stuffed turkey recipe, cook the stuffing and the turkey separately since the turkey may get overcooked in an effort to cook the stuffing properly.

With these thanksgiving turkey tips, you can ensure a great meal on thanksgiving which is delicious and would complete the special meal on this day of gratitude.

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