A great golden-brown turkey on the dinner table looks really sumptuous to have. The care and precaution that is put in to make it such a great looking dish is all waste if the turkey is not carved properly. Turkey carving is an art which can add to the beauty and taste of the bird and even spoil a great turkey if not done properly. A carving fork, long sharp knife, an apron and a warm serving plate are required for the perfect turkey carving on thanksgiving.


A properly done turkey is very important for the best carving to be done. The temperature of the turkey should be taken with a meat thermometer which is put inside the thigh but should not touch the bone. Also, care is to be taken that the turkey is allowed to rest for 20-30 min for the juices to spread again which will help in getting a juicy and tender bird. Before you start the turkey carving, the wings of the bird have to be cut off at the point of joint to the body of the turkey.


The slicing of the breast of the bird can be done in two ways. The traiditonal method for this requires the cutting of one piece of the breast at a time. This method is more popular and easier too. However, this way requires some mastery to get perfect thickness of the pieces. Another method used mostly on the table is to slice away the complete breast together and then cutting pieces of it on the plate. Any of the ways that you choose, it can be repeated on the other side of the bird too and the perfect turkey carving can be done very easily making your thanksgiving turkey a success.

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