The village at Plymouth which was created by the Pilgrims was the place where the first thanksgiving celebration was made. The thanksgiving village was full of people who had come from England in search of a good place to live. The village that they had formed at Plymouth and the cultivation and survival that they were taught by the Wampanoag Indians were all the history of the special day of thanksgiving. .


The thanksgiving village can be recreated on the day of thanksgiving on your centre table. This can be done in clay with the whole family putting in some efforts and skills. This thanksgiving village that you create should have small clay houses and people along with them. A great rock which held the feast of thanksgiving for the first time will be an adornment for the whole thanksgiving clay model. Small clay models and figurines can be made and placed on the model. A whole clay thanksgiving village is a great idea to make the day wonderful with such adornment.


The whole family can be a part of making the clay model of the thanksgiving village. The kids can roll the clay and the youngsters can make the figurines. Huts and any cut outs which are required can be made by any teenagers or kids in the family. The elder ones can arrange the whole scene on a big piece of cardboard and everything which has been prepared by the family can be made into a big clay thanksgiving village for this special occasion.

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